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Ethical Investing Through Governance

Sun is committed to integrating strong governance practices across our organization. Oversight of our corporate governance to shareholders is the responsibility of our Board. They guide the strategic direction, objectives, and risk management activities of our organization.

We believe in maintaining transparency and strong governance based on the highest ethical standards.

Sun Inc. Investing Through Governance

ESG Oversight

The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee (NCGC) oversees our ESG initiatives and strategies, which includes the climate goal setting and education of our Board. Updates are provided quarterly to the NCGC and at least annually to the full Board.

Our executive leadership promotes and champions Sun's initiatives and strategies through participation in our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Committee, IDEA Council, and ESG Steering Committee. This is also achieved by including key messages in communications and regular meetings with our ESG Leads.

Daily oversight and direction are managed by our Director of Sustainability and Director of Social Responsibility in coordination with ESG Leads embedded within our portfolio of properties.

Sun community ESG Oversight

Risk Management

ESG risks are monitored through dedicated processes, such as our environmental management system. We also consider these factors as part of our broader enterprise risk management program. Sun recognizes the impact of environmental, social, and governance risks on our long-term business strategy so we have taken steps to reflect this in our approach to risk management. Our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) team oversees and reviews Sun's evaluation of material ESG risks and opportunities to ensure important ESG topics are integrated into our business strategy and daily operations.
Risk Management at Sun Inc.

Stakeholder Engagement

Feedback from our diverse stakeholders is of the utmost importance to Sun. We conduct year-round engagement with stakeholders through a range of channels.
  • Investors
    • One-on-One Meetings and Calls
    • Investor Tours
    • Analyst and Investor Days
    • Industry Conferences
    • Written Communications
  • Industry
    • Membership
    • Conferences
    • Committee Participation
  • Residents & Guests
    • Daily Interactions
    • Events and Activities
    • Social Media
    • Newsletters
    • Engagement Surveys
  • Communities
    • Outreach Events
    • Charitable Partnerships
  • Team Members
    • Engagement Surveys
    • Performance Reviews
    • Quarterly Pulse Surveys
    • Leadership Meetings
  • Supply Chain
    • Supplier Assessments
    • Meetings
    • Code of Conduct
Stakeholder of Sun Inc.


Through regular engagement, we conduct ongoing materiality assessments at the enterprise and business unit levels to identify ESG topics that are important to all stakeholders.

Consideration is given to each topic regarding the potential direct and indirect impacts on our business through stakeholder engagement. We consider our ability to directly affect the topic and the time needed to maximize the opportunities or address the risks.

  • Environment

    Climate Change

    • Physical
    • Transition

    Resource Use

    • Energy
    • Water
    • Waste
    • Land & Coastal
    • Biodiversity
    • Sustainable Communities
  • Social

    Talent Management

    • Labor Practices
    • Recruitment
    • Retention
    • Engagement
    • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility(IDEA)
    • Learning & Development
    • Safety & Health

    Resident & Guests

    • Affordable/Attainable Housing
    • Safety & Health
    • Satisfaction
  • Governance

    Board Executive Leadership Cybersecurity Stakeholders

    • Investors
    • Industry
    • Franchisee
    • Supply Chain
Materiality of sun Inc.