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Our History

Sun's humble beginnings as a small owner and operator back in 1975 provided our company a solid foundation from which to build and grow. Since then, we have gained the experience and expertise to become one of the largest real estate investment trusts (REITs) in the world.
  • 1975
    Sun's predecessor, Sundance Enterprises, Inc. was founded.
  • 1985
    Sun Communities, Inc. was officially incorporated in January.
  • 1993
    Initial public offering (IPO) of 5.1MM shares listed on the NYSE on December 8 at $20 per share. Total assets of $153MM | 31 MH communities containing ~9,000 operational sites and land to accommodate ~2,000 expansion sites.
  • 1996
    Sun Inc. Acquired Aspen Properties
    Acquired Aspen Properties | 10,400 operational MH sites and 300 sites for future development.
    Expansion into recreational vehicle (RV) industry with 1,223 RV sites at the end of the year.
    Total asset value surpasses $500MM.
  • 2002
    Total asset value surpasses $1B.
  • 2003
    Sun Inc. Relocated headquarters
    Relocated headquarters from Middlebelt Road to our current Southfield location in the American Center building.
  • 2014
    American Land Lease MH portfolio acquisition from Green Courte Partners | 59 MH communities with 19,000+ sites.
  • 2016
    Sun community Acquired Carefree Communities
    Acquired Carefree Communities | 103 RV resorts and campgrounds with 27,000+ sites.
    Total asset value surpasses $5B.
  • 2018
    Strategic investment of $54
    Form strategic 50/50 join venture with Ingenia Communities Group (ASX: INA), to develop MH communities in Australia.
  • 2019
    Sun Inc. Acquired Jensen Inc.
    Acquired Jensen, Inc. | 31 MH communities with 5,200+ sites.
  • 2020
    Sun Inc. Acquired Safe Harbor Marinas
    Acquired Safe Harbor Marinas, LLC - the largest marina owner and operator in the U.S. with 135 marinas.
    Total asset value surpasses $10B.
  • 2021
    Received investment grade rating from Moody's and S&P 500.
    After being a franchisee for many years, Sun purchased the entire Jellystone Park™ franchise, which allowed us to add even more family-friendly vacation destinations to our growing number of properties.
    Sun RV Resorts is rebranded to Sun Outdoors. 
  • 2022
    Sun Inc. Expanded MH platform to the UK
    Expanded our MH platform to the UK with the acquisition of Park Holidays and Park Leisure | 54 owned and managed communities with 19,800 sites and development land.
    Total asset value surpasses $15B.
  • Present Day
    Sun's portfolio exceeds 670 best-in-class properties across the U.S., Canada, and the UK.

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